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Designs in Nature

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designs nature/small smooth stone rock pebbles caught wind
Small smooth Stone Rock Pebbles caught in wind formed Tafoni Formation
#media dmcs-6451470
artsy/rainbow abalone aka paua shell detail haliotis iris
Rainbow Abalone aka Paua Shell, Detail, (Haliotis iris), New Zealand
#media dmcs-6451320
designs nature/effect drought bed lake houston autumn leaves
Effect of Drought on Bed of Lake Houston, with Autumn Leaves, Houston, Texas
#media dmcs-6452114
designs nature/diamond python morelia spilota spilota
Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota) Australia
#media dmcs-6452024
designs nature/utah juniper wood pattern juniperus osteosperma
Utah Juniper Wood Pattern (Juniperus osteosperma); close-up of exposed wood grain
#media dmcs-6451715
designs nature/sand dunes female form lady dunes baja calfornia
Sand Dunes, female form, "Lady in the Dunes", Baja Calfornia, Mexico
#media dmcs-6451631
designs nature/wild boar piglets sus scrofa
Wild Boar Piglets (Sus scrofa)
#media dmcs-6451622
artsy/young royal fern fronds osmunda regalis
Young Royal Fern Fronds (Osmunda regalis), Spring, Adirondacks, NY, Fuji
#media dmcs-6451196
designs nature/slot canyon wind water erosion navajo res
Slot Canyon, Wind/Water erosion. Navajo Res., Page, AZ Arizona
#media dmcs-6114648
designs nature/stems restio fynbos floral kingdom south africa
Stems of restio, part of the fynbos Floral Kingdom of South Africa
#media dmcs-6452727
designs nature/reed reflections sunset lake lanthe west
Reed Reflections at Sunset Lake Lanthe, West Coast South Island, New Zealand
#media dmcs-6452711
designs nature/line poplar trees dramatic summer sky norfolk
A line of poplar trees under a dramatic summer sky, Norfolk, England, GB
#media dmcs-6452083
designs nature/saw palmetto leaves serenoa repens everglades
saw palmetto leaves (Serenoa repens) Everglades National Park, Florida, USA
#media dmcs-6452075
designs nature/brazilian rainbow boas epicrates c cenchria
Brazilian Rainbow Boas (Epicrates c. cenchria) Brood of newborn
#media dmcs-6451946
designs nature/inner rosette chihuahua flower graptopetalum
Inner rosette of Chihuahua flower (Graptopetalum bellum) native to Chihuahua and Sonora
#media dmcs-6451848
designs nature/garden pea tendril pisum sativum ithaca ny
Garden pea tendril (Pisum sativum) Ithaca, NY
#media dmcs-6451846
designs nature/close up tillandsia epiphyte flower ecuador
Close-up of Tillandsia epiphyte flower - Ecuador (Tillandsia lindenii) rainforest
#media dmcs-6451825
designs nature/checkerboard mesa patterns zion national park
Checkerboard Mesa patterns, Zion National Park, Utah, USA
#media dmcs-6451821
designs nature/grand canyon cliffs arizona usa
Grand Canyon cliffs, Arizona, USA
#media dmcs-6451813
designs nature/sunrise light hoodoos bryce np ut utah
Sunrise Light on Hoodoos Bryce NP/UT, Utah
#media dmcs-6451809
designs nature/wind patterns sand sunset coral pink sand dunes state park
Wind patterns in sand at sunset, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, near Kanab
#media dmcs-6451753
designs nature/towering dunes create parabolas shady light namib desert
Towering Dunes Create Parabolas of Shady Light Namib Desert, Namibia
#media dmcs-6451749
designs nature/sandstone formations paria canyon vermilion
Sandstone Formations, Paria Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, AZ
#media dmcs-6451741
designs nature/salt plates near badwater basin salt flat panamint mts
Salt Plates near Badwater Basin, Salt Flat under Panamint Mts., Death Valley HM, CA
#media dmcs-6451725
designs nature/spring larch fir kootenay pass british columbia
Spring larch and fir. Kootenay Pass, British Columbia. May
#media dmcs-6451637
designs nature/forest log millipede marceus americanus ic
Forest Log Millipede (Marceus americanus) IC
#media dmcs-6451624
designs nature/angular winged katydid microcentrum retinerve
Angular-winged Katydid (Microcentrum retinerve), camouflaged
#media dmcs-6451620
designs nature/sand dune pattern detail stovepipe wells
Sand dune pattern detail, Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley National Park, California
#media dmcs-6451619
designs nature/new pine pinus radiata forest marginal
New Pine (Pinus radiata) Forest on Marginal Lands Originally Cleared for Farming
#media dmcs-6451499
artsy/barrel cactus flowers colorado desert california
Barrel Cactus Flowers, Colorado Desert, California, USA
#media dmcs-6451443
bodies water/pond skim ice pattern autumn winter transition
Pond Skim Ice Pattern, Autumn -Winter Transition, Adirondacks, New York heart shape
#media dmcs-6269762
designs nature/bizarre growth patterns wood
Bizarre Growth Patterns in Wood
#media dmcs-6128704
designs nature/abalone shell nacre mother pearl
Abalone Shell, Nacre or Mother of Pearl
#media dmcs-6127450
designs nature/brain coral colpophyllia natans color photosynthetic
Brain Coral (Colpophyllia natans) color is photosynthetic Algae, FL
#media dmcs-6127000
artsy/mildew paint surface 40x
Mildew on Paint Surface, 40x
#media dmcs-6119288
designs nature/abstract reflections water pattersn sky ak
Abstract Reflections, Water Pattersn with Sky, AK
#media dmcs-6119056
designs nature/wind formed patterns sand devils cornfield
Wind formed patterns on sand, Devil's Cornfield, Death Valley National Park, CA
#media dmcs-6118958
designs nature/c u ocelot dorsal view
C/U Ocelot - dorsal view
#media dmcs-6117529
designs nature/underwater surface waves sunlight
Underwater Surface Waves and Sunlight
#media dmcs-6114943
landscapes/windblown navajo sandstone pariah wilderness utah
Windblown Navajo Sandstone Pariah Wilderness Utah
#media dmcs-6114698
designs nature/rain erosion patterns sedimentary layers no
Rain erosion patterns in sedimentary layers, No. Unit Theodore Roosevelt NP, ND
#media dmcs-6114636
designs nature/patterns pahoehoe lava flow sullivan bay santiago isl
Patterns in Pahoehoe Lava Flow, Sullivan Bay, Santiago Isl., Galapagos
#media dmcs-6114180
designs nature/braided basin hail skeidararsandur iceland
Braided Basin & Hail, Skeidararsandur, Iceland
#media dmcs-6113948
designs nature/expanse salt pans badwater death valley national park
Expanse of salt pans at Badwater, Death Valley National Park, CA
#media dmcs-6452715
designs nature/shell pattern sanibel florida
Shell Pattern, Sanibel, Florida
#media dmcs-6452116
designs nature/ponderosa pine bark pinus ponderosa lower rock creek
Ponderosa Pine bark (Pinus ponderosa) Lower Rock Creek, E Sierra, Mono Co., CA
#media dmcs-6452038
designs nature/bark paperbark maple acer griseum rutgers
Bark of Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum), Rutger's Display Gardens, NJ
#media dmcs-6452036
designs nature/sunset kalahari desert botswana africa
Sunset over Kalahari Desert, Botswana Africa
#media dmcs-6452034
designs nature/snowdrift formations canadian arctic
Snowdrift Formations Canadian Arctic
#media dmcs-6452032


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